Beautiful rough cast iron antique fireback from the 18th century.
The with rope decorated edges are at some point 2 inch (5 cm) think.
From the original 9 “fleur the lis” symbols only four survived the years of excruciating heat and flames.

The coat of arms and date stamps in the middle are wiped out, only the outline is showing.

No cracks, great original condition and patina.

It can be used in a fire or as backslash, extremely heavy.
Height: 17.72 in. (45 cm)
Width: 40.36 in. (102.5 cm)
Depth: 1.97 in. (5 cm)

Info Firebacks:
An antique fireplace fireback is the perfect protection for you’re the back wall of you fireplace. It reflects and absorbs the heat and shields the construction and prevents it from cracking, crumbling and being damaged.
Because of the characteristics of cast iron a fireback works like a convector, it absorbs the heat during the fire and slowly releases it back into the room during and after the fire, making your hearth more efficient.

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Weight264 lbs
Dimensions17.72 × 40.36 × 1.97 in




30 inch >




Antique Firebacks