Cupid fireback / backsplash

Very nice detailed and superbly casted antique 19th century fireback.
The fireback displays a very stout looking cupid posing with his bow and arrow

Beautifully fruity decorated, lovely shaped with egg and dart profiled edges.

Fireback is in very nice condition, can be used in a real woodfire, gasfire or as a backsplash.

Height: 26.58 in. (67.5 cm)
Width: 26.58 in. (67.5 cm)
Depth: 1.38 in. (3.5 cm)

Materials: Iron,Cast

Place of Origin: France

Period: Early 19th Century

Date of Manufacture: 19th Century

Condition: Good
Wear consistent with age and use.

Info Firebacks:
An antique fireplace fireback is the perfect protection for you’re the back wall of you fireplace. It reflects and absorbs the heat and shields the construction and prevents it from cracking, crumbling and being damaged.
Because of the characteristics of cast iron a fireback works like a convector, it absorbs the heat during the fire and slowly releases it back into the room during and after the fire, making your hearth more efficient.

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Dimensions1.38 × 27 × 27 in




20 – 30 inch


Antique Firebacks