Monumental 18th Century Dutch Louis XIV Fireplace

Stocknumber: 1873

A large and imposing Dutch mantelpiece in beautiful Rouge Royal marble. This 18th century masterpiece was created for one of AmsterdamĀ“s historical canal houses Subtle shaped and moulded shelf with uniquely finished corners rests above a scrolling frieze centered by a fine, large central cartouche. The frieze halted on both ends by beautiful scrolling foliage supported by deep moulded jambs resting on sturdy plain footblocks. Holland, Amsterdam first quarter of the 18th century Known provenance, great original condition and patina, minor restorations. The sides are not original, as with this type of fireplace the sides originally where wood are plaster then painted to match the marble.

143 x 185.5 x 15.5 cm.

Firebox opening:
122.5 x 144 cm

Rouge Royal MArble

Louis XIV/XV


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